Sunday, 17 March 2013

Pub news.

Sunday lunch. My favourite day of the week, as I get to scoff the delicious roasts that Kerry the chef cooks. That's not to say I don't enjoy what Dad cooks, but Sunday roasts have always been relished.

I arrived at the usual time and pre-ordered my lunch (not that I have to), and Kelly the landlady was putting up balloons and streamers for a 70th birthday party. There were 120+ having a hog roast buffet at 4pm onwards. They all arrived at 2pm and the place was rammed! When Dad arrived at 3pm I had to wait whilst he got the car from the top of the car park, (I can't walk that far uphill). Luckily it had stopped snowing!

There will be a few sore heads in the morning!


cogidubnus said...

Bloody Hell John, that sounds like one hell of a a rural setting that's really great at a time so many pubs are struggling. You must congratulate your landlord/landlady/chef team who are clearly special!

Years ago in Brighton I was a regular at a really great back-street pub called the London Unity, and having moved away nearly thirty years ago, (but visited every time I've gone back!), I now hear it's most likely going to follow it's two closest neighbours and close...sad...

All the best


John Greenwood said...

Dave, it is one hell of a pub!

Pat said...

Do you know the joke about the parrot and the sucking pig?

John Greenwood said...

Tell me, Pat.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Love a good-news story.

Say hello to your father, tell him I send warm sunshine for him :-)