Saturday, 18 May 2013

Pub news- Beer festival.

The Main attractions. All racked up and ready to flow!

The opening night was packed!


© Karelian Blonde said...

Looking good and wish I was there!

Pat said...

Me too:)

cogidubnus said...

Well come on John (if you can keep your nose out of the glass long enough!)- Like the ladies I deeply envy what have you supped and what's good?


All the best

John Greenwood said...

cogidubnus, Dave, the Green Devil, from Oakham Ales at 6% was good, but too strong for me!
The Pump Fiction from Hoggleys brewery in Northants at 4.5% was the best! Did't try the ciders, no way! I struggle to walk sober! :-)

cogidubnus said...

Thanks John, I'll keep an eye open for those local Wetherspoons has guest beers every so often and may oblige...I have to say the Oakham one has it's attractions for me, but it'd have to be on a day with no work in the morning!

All the best