Monday, 27 December 2010

Pub news # 2

Boxing Day 2010. Whilst eating my delicious tempura battered prawns, the loose front tooth I have had for years fell out!

As there is no pain, I might leave it be. It makes me look quite rugged!

My parents led me to believe in Santa when I was a kid. Where's the bloody tooth fairy, the bitch?!!

I know this is a time of austerity, but come on! Give a cripple a quid for his tooth! It wont bankrupt an already bankrupt nation.

On second thoughts, make it £1.50, it'll buy me a half in the pub!!


Z said...

Oh John, poor you.

john.g. said...

Z, no worries. I just need the beer money!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Can I send hugs?

I still have to send you the sauce...that will come in handy for the new pub X X

john.g. said...

G.G, hugs are welcome! As will the sauce! xx