Wednesday, 8 February 2012

General Drivel.

We had a stroke of luck today. I got up at the usual time, and, once dad had put the top half of my clothes on, went downstairs.

"It's a bit nippy," I said. "You're right", he replied. On inspection,the boiler had packed up! Dad rang the people who service the boiler, and they said tomorrow morning was the earliest they could make it. It's due to be -8c tonight, so dad had a look at the boiler. A fuse had gone!!!

We are warm again, and saved the call-out fee!


Zoe said...

Lucky about the boiler and that it was only the fuse. Glad that the heating came back on again. I'm warm - but my hands, toes and nose are freezing. Gotta get dem gloves you mentioned!

Karmyn R said...

That is one of the lessons I learned from my mother-in-law: Always check the fuse before you call the repairman.

I dont' know how many times this has worked - once Dave and his brother were trying to fix his boat motor - they worked and worked and worked until finally I said, "did you check the fuse" - they did and it was out. LOL

Mickle in NZ said...

Oh ... hooray! I have two packs of fuse wire in the cupboard closest to the "fuse box" just in case.

Hugely relieved for you with that super nasty cold stuff you're getting just now. In comparison Wellington is having a crap summer - it already feels likes autumn in what should be our hottest month.

As my dear Dad sez - !!Global Warming!!

Pat said...

Oh dear! I didn't know a boiler had a fuse. Clever Dad!