Saturday, 31 March 2012

Home news.

Dad collapsed this morning. He was fine first thing and drove to the next village to get the papers. He got me dressed, then had his breakfast. He washed up and sat sat down with the sports paper. After about 20 minutes he said he felt rough. Then, a bit later, he decides to get up to go and lie down upstairs. Crash! He hit the floor. I rang the BIL, and he came over with my sister. After much arguing we called an ambulance.

He is now in hospital undergoing tests. I spoke to him this afternoon, and he sounded a lot better. Apparently they found an irregular heart beat.

Will keep you posted.

I have a lot of good friends looking after me, so at least Dad's mind is at rest!


Jayne said...

Sincere best wishes for your dad John - he's a very special man. My mum fell and broke her leg recently, so is pretty restricted with mobility.....then my dad was rushed to hospital on Thursday with chest pains - thankfully it was due to severe bruising from a recent fall and he's home again.
I'm sat in Lagos, worrying myself silly.
It ain't easy having elderly parents.

john.g. said...

Jayne, thank-you for your thoughts.
He's actually back home.

chrisb said...

It must have given you quite a scare John. Glad he's home and hope he begins to feel better soon x

john.g. said...

Thanks Chris, he's nearly there. x