Wednesday, 3 October 2012

General drivel.

We are, thanks to our super-efficient council getting a new wheelie bin. Another one!

We currently have a green bin for garden waste, a small blue bin for newspapers, another small bin for cans and bottles and a food waste bin. Oh, I forgot the black bin for stuff that doesn't go into the other three!

The blurb reads: "A new wheeled bin (BLUE LID) for paper, glass, tins, cardboard, plastics, juice cartons and aerosols. Existing GREEN wheeled bin for garden waste. Existing BLACK wheeled bin for non-recyclable waste. No recycling or food waste boxes will no longer be needed.

Right. What are we supposed to do with any food waste, and what is non-recyclable waste?


cogidubnus said...

Hi John

And more to the point, how are you meant to recycle the now redundant small bin for cans and bottles?

Gotta love the local council mentality!


john.g. said...

Dave, they're mad!

Keith said...

We have had this arrangement in Earl Shilton for a year now. How do you dispose of waste cooked food? Easy! Just throw it onto a bit of the garden you don't use and the local vermin, cats, birds and flies eat it.

You can't put it into the Black bin, the Blue bin or the Green bin without risking a fine if you are caught.

When I was a lad, during the war, we had "swill bins" in each street to put any waste food in (not that we had much then) which was collected and used to feed the pigs in the absence of proper pig food. You can imagine the stench in the long hot summers we had then!

Pat said...

I really enjoy using my food waste bin. I shall be livid if they change the system.