Friday, 12 April 2013

General drivel.

Astonishing news!! The temperature has reached double figures today, with us reaching 11c (52f). This is the highest temperature I've seen on my weather station this year.

In other news, the pub continues to do well. Paul informed us that, as soon as he gets the okay from the workmen he will be closing for a few days so that the flood damage to the kitchen can be repaired. It needs a brand new floor so he can move the new appliances in. And whilst he's at it, decorate the pub inside.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Waow, JohnG...11 degrees. Warmth. At last :-D

It will only take a few days to repair the floor! Here, the carpenters would drag out the job for days. And days. Until it becomes weeks.

John Greenwood said...

They are good here, GG! xx

Pat said...

Yes I'm in a top rather than a sweater and after discovering a neighbour trying to take advantage of the fact that MTL isn't here anymore and attack my hedge I was literally boiling. I've calmed down now:)