Sunday, 9 March 2014

Pub/Home news.

Busy, busy in the pub last week!

Home wise, it's been up and down. The *up* is the Dad got a new driving license for another 3 years! That takes him to 87!!

The *down* is that my mobile stopped working. It's ok on the wi-fi in the pub, but the 3G has packed up.

I rang Vodafone and ordered a Nokia lumia 520, which duly arrived on Friday. What a load of crap it is! It runs Windows 8 , which doesn't get on with my old Android phone, so, I couldn't exchange my contacts from the old phone!

*Down* #2 is that Dad tried to take the back off it for me and broke the screen!!!!

I have to ring them up tomorrow to get a new phone and see what the repercussions are re-the new/old phone!


Keith Smith said...

I think you would be better of with two empty cocoa tins and a length of string.

Pat said...

Glad it has all turned out quite well:)