Friday, 22 July 2011

Pub news.

The 'Chairman' was on good form this lunchtime.

Two ladies came in for lunch, one of them with some form of disability, as she had one of those Zimmer frames on wheels to get around. Her friend went to find a table, whilst she came to the bar to order drinks. (The 'Chairman' was wearing an old St. Patricks day Guiness T-shirt, with 'BAR STAFF' on the back.) He offered to carry the ladies drinks to their table, as the disabled lady couldn't manage. On spotting the back of his T-shirt she asked how long had he worked here. "It's my first day, but I don't officially start until 6pm",he said.(It was 12-40pm, and he's on his second Guinness!)

After their meal, one of the waitresses bought their money to the bar. The 'Chairman' took the change back to them. As they left, he owned up to not being a staff member.(The woman was surprised.)He bade them a fond farewell and thanked them for eating in the Hollybush.

I think they will be back,if only to meet the nicest nut i've met in a long while!

Mr. 'Chairman', you are a star!


Pat said...

'Some form of disability' is probably just age ducks:) Comes to is all.
I must say you are lucky with your pub landlords.

john.g. said...

I think you are right Mum2,but she wasn't that old. A lovely lady though!