Thursday, 4 August 2011

Pub news.

This place runs like a well-oiled machine,(that's enough about the locals!)

Seriously though, today saw the usual Thursday lunchtime eaters in, plus 21 ramblers, who had pre-booked and pre-ordered their food. Ramblers is a good description, as they rambled on so much that you couldn't hear yourself think! Then the food came out and peace was restored. They departed, seemingly satisfied,(judging by the comments) no doubt to return. So well done to 'le chef' and 'Bobster', the waitress. Oh, and Paul!

Tomorrow we can get back to re-oiling the locals machine!


Pat said...

Extras - like ramblers - are necessary to keep pubs going when, inevitably, regulars drop off their perch.

john.g. said...

Mum2, you are so right!