Thursday, 5 April 2012

Home news.

I've just done my first grocery shop on-line! Dad, although seemingly recovered from his episode last Saturday, is struggling carting the heavier objects, such as my lager and his whisky around, so I've opened accounts at Tesco and Waitrose. The first delivery is tomorrow!

As an aside;Dad went into our out-house, where the new fridge and freezer live to get some things from the fridge. He had his hands full, so, he put the egg for his breakfast in his pocket. Once in the kitchen he forgot about the know what happened next!

Clean trowsers needed!!


© Karelian Blonde said...

Good to hear that he is recovering. As for the egg...easily done *LOL*

Pat said...

Excellentidea John. I tried to start a Tesco delivery but apparently we were off the radar. However the Coop obliged but I had to go in and buy the stuff and they delivered later in the day.
We have got to the stage where we do anything to make life easier and I expect you will do the same.
Shame about the egg:)

Mickle in NZ said...

I've been shopping that way too since October. So much easier to have fit young men carry Zebby's huge cat litter bags down my 54 demon steps - and the delivery fee is way less than the taxi ride home would be for me.

Please tell you dear Dad that I've even included seed raising mix in the grocery delivery for tomorrow (along with kitty litter for Himself and dry white wine for me). You've got the priorities right - your lager and your Dad's whisky!

I'm very relieved your Dad is getting better - he can put the egg incident down to a perfectly normal brain fade moment.

Hope you are having a good Easter, sending care, love and huggles for you both,

Michelle the Mickle xxxx