Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Trial post.

This is my first attempt to post using the new blogger system. I must admit, that, on first impressions yesterday, I was not impressed.
When I tried to copy and paste my joke onto the screen yesterday, it automatically re-formatted the text. So, there were no paragraphs! So much for copy!
This is a test run, without pictures,(I haven't tried that yet!)
I reverted to the old system yesterday, but apparently they are turning that off at the end of the month, so, practice!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I don't understand why the Blooger people felkt they needed to "FIX" something that wasn't "BROKE" know?
It is really so High Handed...!!!!
And it doesn't serve the people who use it!!! HELP!!! I would be happy to PAY for the use of the Old Interface....!

john.g. said...

I dont understand either, Naomi!

Kila said...

You did it (created a new post)! I don't care for the new Blogger. Nothing has improved. Perhaps there will be changes to the changes.

By the way, you can click on HTML instead of Compose (it's on the left side when you are creating a new post), and then you can fix the re-formatting.

john.g. said...

Thanks Kila!