Sunday, 10 June 2012

General Drivel.

There is a vicious rumour going round that it's summer. This was spotted today, but is forecast to vanish tomorrow.

It is due to be replaced by crap weather! FLAMING JUNE!

I really am sick of this "global warming" scam. It's costing us a fortune!!!


Sam said...

Here in California we are having triple digits! Good place to come for a tan in one hour and have good wine the rest of the time.

john.g. said...

Hi,Sam. It really has been crap here!

Pat said...

At this moment in time we have sunshine and I have brought the washing in before the next deluge.

cogidubnus said...

YOU'VE had crap weather? Huh...I live in Bognor...we've had a monsoon Sunday and Monday, and all bar one of the roads in and out were impassibly flooded...Last one was only cleared this morning!


john.g. said...

Saw that on the news. Nothing to do with the name?

Guyana-Gyal said...

It's raining 'round the world Irish 'auntie' emailed to say it's rained quite a bit back home.

Is it summer now?