Wednesday, 16 January 2013

General drivel.

Minus 6c in our garden this morning! It is currently -3c (3-30pm).

The weather forecast for Friday gives sub-zero temperatures with 4 to 5" of snow. Not good when your drive is on a slope, and the only person in the house remotely capable is 83!

Clearing that much snow is well beyond Dad's stamina levels now, so the neighbours could be getting a call!


cogidubnus said...

Blimey John...wish I lived your way, but thereagain my dodgy ticker would probably give out!

I'm amazed though that you haven't hit us with a beefburger joke...but there's time yet!

All the best


John Greenwood said...

Dave, there are a few around!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Oh no. For your and your dad's sake, I hope there's not much snow. But if there is, thank goodness for your kind neighbours. Stay as warm as possible.