Friday, 18 January 2013


Six inches of the 'orrible white stuff today. Got to the pub and back though! I did say to Dad if he wanted to risk it. "This is just a dusting", he said.

Had to keep the birds fed though.

The last pic. is a Fieldfare. It will enlarge.


© Karelian Blonde said...

Well done for keeping the birds fed!

I have always hated winter and I always will so the sooner this awfulness is over the better *shivers*

cogidubnus said...

Wonderful variety of birdlife you get in your garden John...mostly we get the more common species (sparrows, tits, blackbirds, starlings, pigeons, the occasional robin...years ago we had a wren or two, wagtails, and a pair of house martins came back every year...sadly no more...

Every good wish


John Greenwood said...

Dave, we are up to 54 different species in the 40 years we have lived here.

cogidubnus said...

Blimey mate...54!

All the best


Pat said...

We just have tits and robins.