Sunday, 20 January 2013

More snow!

After a relatively quiet Saturday, with just a few light flurries, I awoke at 8-00am this morning to find it was snowing. It is now 5-00pm, and it is STILL snowing! It must have put at least another 5" down.

It made me cast my mind back about 4 years to an article published by a so-called "expert" climatologist who stated that, "due to man-made global warming snow in the UK and Europe would, in a couple of years become a rare and exciting event". The fact that there has been only an insignificant (0.1c) increase in temperatures in the last 16 years, despite an increase in CO2 emmissions throws all the warming alarmists computer predictionS out of the window!

Mother Nature will continue to be controlled by the Sun, and there isn't anything we can do about that!


cogidubnus said...

Down South we had four or five inches Friday, nothing Saturday, and just a fine dusting Sunday...seems to be slowly thawing now...

all the best


John Greenwood said...

It's lethal here in deepest Leics. Still below zero!

Pat said...

It is a rare and exciting event here but we get the same chaos.