Monday, 18 June 2007


Barbara has tagged me. Eight random things about me.

1: I was fit (ish) once.

2: I have owned 13 motor bikes, and have fallen off them all, the last time in Archachon,(SW France), whilst stationary, but pissed.

3: I am a passionate supporter of Man Utd. (I was born there).

4: I am not keen on big, dead trees, especially in high winds.

5: My friends in the pub call me IRONSIDE !

6: When I was 14 I fell in the canal, from our narrow-boat. My golden Labrador came running down the towpath to 'rescue' me, nicked my hat and buggered off! Never did find the hat.

7: Keith gave me a book called 'html in easy steps', I have no idea what any of it means!!

8: I love blogging!


Wendz said...

Oh dear - by way of affiliation with Martin, I HAVE to support Chelsea - or my life will be worth nothing. Pffft!

Now why do they call you Ironside?

ps. I love blogging too!


phoenix said...

Ironside lol :-) do you have the same steely stare and investigative talents John?
And 13 Motorbikes!! That's bordering on obsessive slightly hells angelsish territory (unless they were all 150cc,sounded like hairdriers kept breaking and were slightly unstable,hence the reason why you fell off every one!!)

john.g. said...

Wendz,have you never seen the 70's crime series from the USA? It featured a crippled detective in a wheelchair.

john.g. said...

Phoenix, firstly, take care of DQ. secondly, 200cc, 175cc, 400cc, 250cc, 550cc., 5x750cc, 2x600cc, 1x900cc.

Jon M said...

Hi John,

Just trolled over from Barbara's bleeuugh! To see your eight things, if you'll pardon the expression!
I used to love all those detectives, Ironsides and Cannon...'A Quinn Martin Production' sorry got carried away! It's nice here, can I have a pint? :-)

john.g. said...

Jon m , welcome, and of course you mayhave a pint!

irreverentmama said...

I've ridden on two - count'em, TWO - motorcycles in my life. The second whilst wearing an inappropriately short skirt, much to the appreciation of onlookers. (I had better legs back then...)

And I didn't fall off ONE of them. Nyah.

Ironside? Wow... THAT brings back very old, rather vague memories... Raymond Burr? Is that who it was? I was just a kid. My gran liked to watch it.

john.g. said...

Laura, spot on, you get a star* !
Would have liked to see your biking career!!! lol.

irreverentmama said...

Yeah, you and me, John, we're of the same generation.l

Now tell me: what is a "narrowboat"?

john.g. said...

It's a narrow boat. LOL.

They are floating holiday homes that you cruise up and down our canal systems on at a maximum speed of 4 mph. Great fun, as there are pubs everywhere on the canal side.

ChrisB said...

'ironside' very apt. I used to love that prog.(shows my age)

john.g. said...

chrisb, says a lot about MY age, boo !

Cailleach said...

Wow - Raymond Brr, I was quite small when I used to watch that. He was like Marlow except in a wheelchair - which reminds me of how much I loved Columbo, and his annoying way of making irelevancies relevant.

Sally Lomax said...

They say I'm accident prone, but you take the biscuit! Given that you fell off 13 motorbikes, it's surprising that it wasn't one of those that caused your injury.

I went to Arcachon once. I liked it! Shame about the hat.

john.g. said...

Sally, Archachon is a beautiful place.

Ricardipus said...

Add the displacements of all those bikes up and you get quite a reasonable sized engine. Just needs four wheels and a bright red paint job.

Ricardipus said...

*runs away

john.g. said...

RP, the 900 is quicker to 60mph than any Ferrari !!

martin said...

What was the 900 ?. Please say a kwaker.

john.g. said...

Martin, sorry, Honda. CB900F2.

Lorraine said...

So you're the "John.g" who popped up on my blog comment thingie and graciously bestowed your blessing (and consent) for letting me use your "link/joke" -- only one problem, though.
Could you--maybe?--return to my itty-bitty space on this planet and show me what it is of yours I purportedly published? I can't seem to find what it is I did to get your consent??
That would be so kind of you. You are aware, of course, that I am an ancient crone, right? That's why I need a lot of encouragement (and help). Teehee.
I see you know Keith, eh? He is such a sweetie, isn't he??

john.g. said...

Lorraine, Wednesday, 6th June 2007.
Hope this helps, and welcome back!

Keith said...

phonenix - "there was a cuckoo outside my window". That's no way to talk about John G !!

Keith said...

1. Fit to drop!
2. Pissed as usual.
3. Man U? Waste of a good football.
4. You damage enough of them.
5. Sure it's not PISSHEAD?
6. Obviously a very intelligent dog.
7. Well, I'm not surprised. You're always pissed.

john.g. said...

Keith, LMAO!!