Monday, 25 May 2009

Pub news.

Sunday night in the pub means poker night. 14 last night, which is a lower than usual turn-out, but as it was a bank holiday weekend it wasn't too bad.

One of the barmen (on his night off) won. Jez managaged to get second and Di, our everso lovely soaker landlady managed to get pissed!

I know this to be true because when I asked her how she was, the reply was, I've got a migraine (hangover)! This is Di speak for I feel like sh*t!

In other pub news, the poacher and his mate have been fishing. Friday through 'til Sunday at a local reservoir for the last three weekends camping on the bank. The result? Not a bite! It's a good job they enjoy the outdoors!


Dumdad said...

You're cruising for another bruising from the lovely Di. You never learn!

john.g. said...

Dumdad, it's all part of the pubs' rich tapestry!

Keith said...

Poacher and his mate are obviously using the wrong type of worms.

As to our beautiful landlady, Di, if she says it's a migraine then I believe her.

I think she is too smart and intelligent to just get pissed. The migraines are probably caused by having to contended with that cripple who goes in everyday and makes unreasonable demands on her time!

*fawn, fawn, creep, creep*

PI said...

Poor Di.