Monday, 5 October 2009

Pub news.

Di, our everso lovely soaker landlady is not very well. She is feeling a bit 'icky'. Jez is away visiting his father.

I play poker on Facebook, as does Di and Jez, but what is a little disconcerting is that Di keeps telling me she tried to jump on me all last night!

Don't get me wrong, Di is a lovely person, but I don't think the wheelchair would take it!

The trouble is, is that Di wants to trash me at poker, but can't get on the same table. I might resolve that tonight. We'll see!

Maybe I could jump on her?! What say you?


wendishness said...

Yeah jump on her...that would be fun LOL

john.g. said...

Wendy, why did I expect that!

ChrisB said...

I agree with Wendy-not that I understand how it works LOL.

Bethany said...

Leave it to Wendy. Perv ;)

Pat said...

Don't you know one another too well to keep a poker face?