Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Pub news.

I think pregnancy is affecting ASBO's (Charlie's) mind. If I can't do the cryptic crossword in the Daily Telegraph, I copy it and take it to the pub so my mate can help with it.

After we had done the cryptic, I gave the copy to ASBO so she could try the "quick" crossword. This isn't always easy. Before I left she asked me if I could bring "yesterdays answers in tomorrow"?

Is it me, but why does she need this?


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that Charley isn't a blonde? She certainly acts like one at times!

I've also noticed that she gives you the occassional whack round the head now. Is she trying to emulate my close, and lovely, friend Di?

You want to watch it! Nikki might start on the "lets-whack-John-round-the-head-for-a-laugh" game as well.

Anonymous said...

Only one comment since Wednesday, and that's mine. Tut.

Let's face it John, nobody loves you anymore. And I'm having second thoughts. . . .

circus monkey said...

Ever heard of the "space time continuum"? No, neither have I.

Pat said...

I definitely think they are getting harder or I'm getting dumber. Shurely not!

Anonymous said...

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