Thursday, 17 June 2010

Pub news.

Di,our ever-so lovely soaker landlady was doing her usual shift the other evening when a couple came in to order some food and drinks. After taking the food order the gentleman ordered the drinks. He started with an orange juice. "Would you like that in a glass?", she asked.

Bucket perhaps?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps she intended to give him an orange and a straw?

Unknown said...

cynicalgirl, where've you been?

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumour that Di is doing "Soup in a Basket" this Sunday.

Why are all the samosa's always cold?
And the sausage rolls. And the Onion Bhajis?

SpanishGoth said...

Yikes - misread that. I was wondering what sort of establishment you visited where the focus was on people having a shit.

Unknown said...

Goth, where've you been?