Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Addition to my last post

Zoe, i just thought of alternate recipe names, just for you.

How about, Todd-in-a-hole, battered?

Coq-au-Twat?............ come on keep them coming!


Sally Lomax said...


You are on my blogroll now. HAve finally set it up as part of my week of organising!!


john.g. said...


Thanks sally.

zoe said...

LOL - not bad.

i'm just catching up on my rounds before eastbenders - we've just had an exciting five minutes of .... nothing!

sally has reminded me that there are three additions that i need to make to my blogroll and several that have gone AWOL (well, one that i can think of right now) and i must correct pat's url on my site.

i'm so tired these days, behind with things and just want to sleep. i so envy 'night owls'.

john.g. said...

Night,night sleepy head!