Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Company Names

The following appaeared in todays Daily Telegraph. I`m sure you know more, pass it on, and we`ll see.

From Battle in Sussex, a builder, William the Concreter.

Spotted on a van on the A303, cleaners, Spruce Springclean.

Solicitors in Leamington Spa, Wright-Hassel.

Concrete supplier, Jim`ll mix it.

And the best, from Dubai, 25 years ago (this came from my Traveller frind).......................
AL SHAGA enterprises !!


Beccy said...

Hi John, thanks for visiting me, these names made me laugh!

john.g. said...

You`re welcome Beccy, thanks for the return visit. I hope you can contribute in the future. You are now on my site as a top blog, congrats.

PI said...

I still haven't finished yesterday's DT. What have I done all day? Besides get my hair done b----r all!
I knew of a hairdresser called Zackem. He could have had Hack 'em with Zackem as an enticement. Praps not.

john.g. said...

Nice, Pat. In todays DT i found my favourite.. a mobile cafe on the A38. Breakfast at Timothy`s !!