Saturday, 27 January 2007

Nanny State

I was reading an article in todays Daily Telegraph, regarding children`s schooling. Now, i don`t have any kids, nor do i want any, but this didn`t stop me seething at what this poxy Government, and the politically correct lobby/litigation society are doing.

This is a small extract from a book called: How to Label a Goat: The Silly Rules and Regulations that are Strangling Britain by Ross Clark(Harriman House), £9.99.

The following have been banned by at least on school in Britain:

Making daisy chains
(risk of picking up germs).

Playing hopscotch
(risk of injury).

Playing football
(encourages competetiveness).

Wearing hair gel
(fire risk).

Making anything out of egg boxes
(fear of salmonella).....for f*cks sake!!

Home-made cakes
(fear of e-coli).

Wearing a plaster cast
(other children might fall over it).

Now call me old, 45 tomorrow, don`t forget, but did i break every rule in the land 34 years ago? NO,i did not. If i didn`t come home with a bruise/cut my parents wondered if i`d enjoyed myself!!

Is it me or..............


Sally Lomax said...

Definitely not you John!! I agree wholeheartedly. I think the whole Nanny State thing has gone TOO far.

Do you remember clackers? And the original great big spacehoppers?


Sally Lomax said...

p.s. Happy Birthday ofr tomorrow. I'll catch you up in May. 45 then too!


john.g. said...

Sally, i remember them all, and the slinky chains. And the original Chopper bicycle. Oh, damn, i`m feeling old on my birthday!!

PI said...

Wait till you are my age (old enough to be your mother)and then you'll mourn for the childhood that the children of today can never experience. I despair.
Many happy returns!

john.g. said...

Thanks Pat, it`s got that stupid, it`s almost funny.

zoe said...

oh shit! i did miss your birthday .... a very happy belated birthday. i'll be 44 in just over 2 weeks ....