Friday, 26 January 2007

I`m back, i think.

For Sally, Zoe and pi, from my old blog. I think i`m there now, but don`t count you`re chickens !!

By the way Zed, the way you hold your head in your photo reminded me of this Goddess. What are you doing in my garden covered in moss and bird shit?


zoe said...

john - i didn't know that i was being photographed at the time. it was taken about 5 1/2 years ago - but people still recognise me - god knows how ... maybe it's the fact that my hairstyle is still the same ?

and now i wear glasses .... but people still recognise me - if looking for me, obviously. otherwise, fighting off the paparazzi would be hell, i tell you.

PI said...

Can you just stay still for a moment puleeeeze! BTW I'm Pat - PI is for the name of my blog - Past Imperfect and I don't know why sometimes my comments ore PI sometimes Pat as I am not the lightest bit techy (that's not tetchy which I can be!)

john.g. said...

Sorry Pat, but i really did mess up yesterday, hence the new blog.
Ihope you enjoy this as well. I am sorted now..err, i think. John.

john.g. said...

Zoe, thanks for having another read, you`re wearing well.I think, not having seen you 5 1/2 years ago. How does one judge?

If you get the paparazzi you`ve made it, or you`ve dumped Q, and hooked up with H.R.H. Maam.

Sally Lomax said...

Did you keep copies of your old entries anywhere so that you can put them back on this new site?


john.g. said...

Sally, sadly no. I`m still learning at this blogging thing.