Sunday, 2 December 2007

Hello Folks!

I haven't gone far, I still read and comment on blogs where I can, so just be careful what you say!

Don't say too much John, because I could write a few tales about what goes on in that pub that you daren't tell anyone... For instance, didn't I see Di (landlady) threaten you at lunchtime? You thought I wasn't looking! Oh yes, and the episode concerning the dead partridges springs to mind as well.

No, nice people, my blog isn't closed. It's only a temporary thing because I have several other websites that need my attention. I do have two other blogs that I write to under a nom-de-plume (pen name, for the non-French speakers) which seem to attract a lot of hits. They are not on Blogger because I don't have a Google account. As Sandy says, we will not be pressurised into opening one either.

Babs - Maybe I can't yell at you from "Smithy Lane" at the moment but I can yell at you from Johns page, but being such an outstandingly polite gentleman I wont.

Pat - My image as a Grumpy Old Git on "Meonline" doesn't seem to attract many visitors so I'm thinking of changing it from "Smithy Lane" to "Sweet Old Gentleman Who Loves Puppy Dogs, Pussy Cats and Creepy Crawlies" (Why did I suddenly get a mental picture of John then?)

That's all folks, back to your own beds.


sablonneuse said...

You really ought to keep posting whether it be here, chez-moi or on your own site(s). Your audience may be small but it's quality not quantity that counts. ;)

(yahboo to blogger) Maybe Keith, you could tell me if it's possible to put links into comments to overcome the blogger problem. Of course, you could comment via john-g's blog couldn't you? Or would he run you over with his wheelchair?

#Debi said...

sablonneuse: You can incorporate links into the comments by using a hyperlink code, as below:

{a href=""}your link name here{/a}

Substitute "<" and ">" for all "{" and "}".

This should work for most comment boxes, except the ones that don't support html. Hope that helps...

sablonneuse said...

Thanks #debi. Does this work then???
"<"a href="">"sablonneuse"<"/a">"

With apologies to john.g for playing about in his comments box.

me again said...

I told you I was useless at html

john.g. said...


Anonymous said...

Do as I do Sandy, I'm not bothering with 'Blogger' comment boxes anymore if there isn't a way for non-Bloggers to comment, AND leave a link back to their non-Blogger page. Why the hell should we have to open a Google account if we don't want to?


#Debi said...

Sandy, you were very close! Leave the quotes off from around the <, put < /a> (no spaces) onto the end of what you typed, and you should be there!

I apologize to you also, John, but suspect you won't be too upset... :)

Anonymous said...

I've just been to As time goes by and found that Ronni is giving up. One of her reasons is because blogger won't let people comment and leave a link unless they have a blogger account.
Trying again: