Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas Day.

We had a thoroughly good time and a lovely meal at my 'Sister's'. The following photos don't show much festive activity because at 46, I was the third youngest!

Me and Lindsey(Sis).

Me and Sis!

Dad and Lindsey.

Dad and Lindsey

Pudding is served.

More vino? Why not!

me, Dad and red wine!

More pics later!


ChrisB said...

You aren't much different to me I was the fourth youngest and I'm almost 20 years older than you LOL

Mr Farty said...

For a quadraplegic, you don't seem to have any problem holding a glass of plonk. Merry Xmas!

© Karelian Blonde said...

And you look so much like your dad :)

Keith said...

© KB - I feel sorry for his dad, he's got enough on his plate at the moment.

Z said...

I was the second oldest on Christmas Day. I'm glad my sister is here now, because now I'm the third oldest. Mind you, there were still nine people younger than me here for lunch today.

wendishness said...

Great pics, glad you had a terrific day....I'm older than my sis but we're still youngsters ;)

*ducks the slap*

Beccy said...

I'm just wondering what mum has done with her brain cells seeing as her daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren were present making her the sixth youngest or fourth oldest!

Btw you're looking very dapper in your red jumper-love the colour.

john.g. said...