Monday, 26 March 2007

Blimey, tagged!!

I appear to have been tagged by Wendz. So here goes. Three things:

3 things that scare me:
High winds/dead trees.
Losing my Dad.

3 people who make me laugh:
Ronnie Barker.

3 things i love:
Motorbike racing.
Manchester United. (can i have more please?).

3 things i hate:
Rap music.

3 things i don't understand:
Religion. (too much trouble, not any fact).

3 things on my desk:
Mobile phone.
Computer screen, stupid!!

3 things i'm doing now:
Typing this out.
That's it, i can't multi-task., i'm male.

3 things to do before i die:
Finish typing this!!
Helicopter flight.
Go to the OPEN Golf at St. Andrews.

3 things i can do:
Work this thing (ish).

3 things i can't do:
Dress myself.
Put my arms in the air.
Cook. (plus a million others).

3 things i think you should listen to:
Pink Floyd.

3 things never to listen to:

3 things to learn:
I learn as i go along.

3 favourite foods:
Blue to rare fillet steak.
Spaghetti bolognese.
Lamb roast.

3 drinks:
coffee. ( one a day is regular).

3 shows watched as a kid:
Starsky & Hutch.
Blue Peter. lol.


Beccy said...

I love sudoku, keeps my brain ticking over.

I'm glad to see you admit that you can't multitask my eldest always uses that as an excuse when he doesn't want to do something.

I'd say no to a blue steak thank you very much.

I loved Blue Peter!

john.g. said...

Beccy, i'm a cryptic crossword fan myself. Blue steaks rock!!

Sally Lomax said...

i always watched Blue Peter and Starsky and Hutch. Did you not watch Dr. Who though?

PI said...

I'm with you on Spag bog but what is blue steak?

irreverentmama said...

Daktari! Memory is a bizarre thing. I hadn't thought about that show in thirty years - and now I have the theme song running through my mind. Thanks.

Pi - 'blue' is when they take the steak, smack it on a hot grill for three seconds per side, and plonk it, steaming and bleeding, on your plate. One might wonder whether it wouldn't be quicker, simpler, and cheaper to just go bite a cow...

Wendz said...

One coffee? I've been awake half an hour and am on my third already. Starting to feel semi-human now.

I am with Irreverent Mama - go catch a cow and tuck in, darlin'. Ew!

Ariel said...

Starsky and Hutch ruled when I was a kid, but I cannot bear to watch it as an adult. I can however still sing the theme tune in French!

john.g. said...

Sally, yes, but the earlier ones scared me!!

Pat, see irrevelentmama.

irrevelent, you can't beat Clarence the cross-eyed lion.

Wendz, you're a caffeine addict.

Ariel, i know what you mean!!

Sally Lomax said...

It's back on Saturday. My kids all love it too. so we all watch together...........

It's great sharing things with your kids that you did as a child!

john.g. said...

Damn! slapped wrist, i forgot to welcome Irreverentmama to my blog!

Welcome, and thank you, you are on my TOP BLOG side-bar.

zoe said...

there is nothing better than a steak cooked so rare that it's bleeding all over your plate. i also love steak tartare/américan.

dr who this saturday - i can't wait! todd and Q are really excited :)

pink floyd and bird song are among my top things to listen to aswell (and freddie and robbie, of course).

john.g. said...

Zoe, thanks, aren't Floyd the dogs'?

irreverentmama said...

Wow! I'm so flattered! How did I make it to the Top Blogs so instantly??

Oh. Because I talk about sex? Irreverently. Yes? No?

Whatever the reason, thank you!

john.g. said...

Irreverentmama: no, it's because you made me laugh!!