Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Oh, joy!

Today, I am a happy bunny!
Obe Wan, my computer guru fitted my new 256k graphics card, to try and get my golf game working with Vista. Eureka!! It works.

I have to start from scratch again, but it wont be long before I am once again in the company of the super rich. Do you realise that when we uninstalled the game to install Vista, I was worth $120,000,000?
I will keep you all informed of my progress, marriage proposals will be considered from suitable candidates (sod off Keith) but pre-nups are a must.


Beccy said...

£120,000,000 I won't even consider a proposal until you at least double that!

Anonymous said...

That remark about my dad is a little unfair. Are you implying that Keith is gay? Why "sod off"?

Unknown said...

beccy, you`re not divocing Roman Abramovich are you?

Wendy ascham, the grumpy old git will understand, wont you Keith?