Saturday, 31 March 2007

Sharp Sharon.

This is priceless. One for your memory banks Ladies.

Trigger came in full of the usual bluster.

"I'm going to see my mate do a gig tonight, he's asked me to be a sort of bouncer, as it's a bit rough. I've got one viagra tablet left, just in case i get a chance".

Sharon, (after a small hint).

"You're so full of shit your eyes are brown" !!

She's good is Sharon!!


Beccy said...

Trigger and his triggerisms and sharp Sharon, what more could we want?

Mr Farty said...

A Viagra tablet??

Maybe you should explain to Trigger what a bouncer does, I'm getting disturbing visions.

Ariel said...

Classy. Very. Committed to memory for future use.

john.g. said...

Beccy, he's great fodder for me.

Mr. Farty, I jest you not, he has viagra. He's still got it!

Ariel, good one i think.