Sunday, 18 March 2007

Global warming?

It`s snowing like hell here as I type, freezing cold. What a change from yesterday, such a balmy spring day. And the polititians want us to change our lightbulbs to "save" the planet! Tossers! China are opening a new coal-fired power station every 4 days, and they already have over 2000 of them! PAH!

Enough ranting.

Our friend Trigger came in earlier. He is an engineer, a clever, skilled one, but........

The lads were talking about how strenuous gardening is, digging, etc.

"I tend you use my head at work", said Trigger.

The reply was swift.

"Didn`t know you were a doorstop!"

Nuf said!


Minx said...

Poor old Trigger - you would think he would see them coming!

Weather's bad here too, no snow but freezing. We don't have any problems with lightbulbs - Cornwall hasn't got electric yet!

john.g. said...

Minx, you will, then you`ll get the crap taxed out of you. LOL.
Nice place, Cornwall.

Wendz said...

Snowing like blazes feels like Christmas again. But snug inside..hooray electricity!

PI said...

Giggle Giggle!

john.g. said...

He`s a loon isn`t he? Pat.