Monday, 19 November 2007


I have been somewhat lax with my posting of late. I apologise for not filling you with mirth/woe.(Depends how you read it). The reason is HTML. I am trying my best, as Mr.Farty will testify. I have been getting some serious help from Farty, and I thank him from the heart of my bottom bottom of my heart. But, to date, it appears I am thick.(Keith,If you say a word, I will get one of the lads to shove a fully laden sprout stalk where the sun doesn't shine).

I will conquer this ineptitude eventually, but it will take time.

There will be a joke Tuesday, but then the serious stuff starts! Farty, beware, the e-mails could increase.

See you all on Wednesday!


her indoors said...

eh HTML whats that then?
Hit The Mailing List
Hate The Mother in Law
Here To Make u Laugh
am i getting close yet?!

john.g. said...

Her Indoors, It f*ucking may as well be!!

Anna said...

Welcome back! (and you're not thick) : P

If you need help with HTML, I can help you.


Q. What did the fish say when he ran into a concrete wall?

A. "Dam!"

Mr Farty said...

Hard To Master Language?

Jon M said...

Think everyone's been hibernating! Me included!

PI said...

Everybody needs a Mr Farty. I'm going to read his Master tomorrow after my brain has had some shut eye.
Nil desperandum and you are NOT thick.

Ricardipus said...

html is the spawn of the devil, it's like writing an essay on an early version of Wordperfect or Chiwriter or something, circa 1980.

Need italics? Just type [i][thingummy][./whatsit] around your text [/i][/thingummy][/./whatsit] ah bejeezus forgot the extra [/] thing, gotta start again.


Jin said...

I think you're very brave to even tackle the subject, let alone master it! Will you give us all free lessons when you've cracked it please?!

Am off to Muscat tomorrow, on the annual Middle East Harley tour, so I look forward to heaps of your posts when I get back :-))

sablonneuse said...

Well, I'm relieved it was only a case of HTML (head tangled in muddled lessons) and not that you were indisposed for health reasons. I'm still chickening out of trying to make any progress whatsoever.

john.g. said...

Anna, lol. Welcome back!

The rest of you, thanks, i am going to try again tonight!

RUTH said...

HTML!!!! I have enough problems with HRT...LOL

john.g. said...

Anna, I'll need an e-mail address.