Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Joke Tuesday.

Prince Charles decided to take up jogging.

Everyday, he'd jog past a hooker standing on the same street corner. He learned to brace himself as he approached her for what was almost certain to follow.

"One hundred and fifty pounds!" she'd shout.

"No! Five pounds!" He would fire back, just to shut her up.

This ritual between him and the hooker became a daily occurrence.

One day, Camilla decided she wanted to accompany her husband on his daily jog.

As they neared the hooker's corner, Prince Charles realised she'd shout her usual £150 offer, and Camilla would wonder what he'd been doing on all his past outings. He figured he'd better have a good explanation for his wife. As they jogged past he averted his eyes from the hooker.

Then, from the corner, the hooker yelled,

"See what you get for £5 you tight bastard?!"


mutleythedog said...

Cruel but funny! I would not shag her for a fiver - nor him either before you ask!!

john.g. said...

mutley, LOL!

Beccy said...

Ha, ha...was the prostitute talking to Charles or Camilla!

Richard Branston-Pickle said...

I wouldn't even touch her with yours for a fiver. She'd have to give me half of the Duchy of Cornwall first, then I might consider it!

*reaches for sick-bag*

john.g. said...

Mr. Branston-Pickle, that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me!

Beccy, I hadn't thought of that! lol.

ChrisB said...

LOL Trust my daughter!!

her indoors said...

LOL and i thought i knew some sick jokes!

Mr Farty said...

Nice one!

SpanishGoth said...

Prince Charles couldn't jog if his arse was on fire !

But she does look like a horse, so maybe he could just ride it out....

PI said...

Beccy's got it right!

RUTH said...

LOL John....here's an old one for you...better read out loud :o)
Prince Charles was doing a grand tour of Australia. He was informed by his assistant that he had to open a cannery in Woga Woga (In New South Wales, near Sydney).

The next day he was in Woga Woga ready for the opening. Limo, assistants, bodyguards, suit and a large pair of scissors.

As Prince Charles was making a speech, people were rudely staring at an unusual ornament on his head- A fox hat. but no one dared mention it to him. Prince Charles cut the ribbon and everyone there went upstairs to have a little party with canned food and all the rest of it.

Eventually a drunk man approached Prince Charles and said "Sir, I appreciate you being here but what's up with that ridiculous fox hat?"

Charles was happy to reply. "Well I called Mummy last night and asked her what I should wear to open a cannery in Woga Woga.Then she said 'wear the fox hat!'"

john.g. said...

Ruth, x

PI said...

That's funny Ruth!

Jin said...

It took a moment or two for Ruths incredibly sick joke to sink in, whereas I larfed straight away at yours John :-)
I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed!