Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Joke Tuesday.

Long one this, but worth it!!

This got the whole of Sydney laughing.

Just imagine sitting in traffic on your way to work and hearing this.
Many people DID hear this on the FOX FM morning show.
The DJ's play a game where they award great prizes. The game is called 'Mate Match'. The DJ's call someone at work and ask if they are married or seriously involved with someone. If the contestant answers 'yes', he or she is asked 3 random yet highly personal questions. The person is asked to give the name of their partner with phone number. I their partner answers those same 3 questions correctly, they both get a prize.

The Harbour City fell apart at this, read on.

DJ: 'Hey! This is Ed on FOX-FM. Have you heard of 'Mate Match'?'

Contestant(laughing) 'Yes'.

DJ: 'Great! Then you know the prize, if you win is a trip to the Gold Coast. What's your name? First name only please.'

Contestant: 'Brian.'

DJ: Are you married?'

Brian: 'Yes'

DJ: Thanks, now I need your wifes first name.'

Brian: 'Sara.'

DJ: 'Is Sara at work?'

Brian: She'll kill me for this.'

DJ: 'Stay with me, Brian! Is she at work?'

Brian: (laughing) 'Yes, she's at work.'

DJ: Ok, first question- when was the last time you had sex?'

Brian: About 8 o'clock this morning.'

DJ: Atta boy, Brian.'

Brian:(laughing sheepishly)'Well......'

DJ: 'Question #2- How long did it last?'

Brian: About 10 minutes.'

DJ: Wow! You really want that trip, huh? No one would have said that otherwise.'

Brian: Yeah, the trip would be good.'

DJ: Ok, final question. Where did you have sex at 8 o' clock this morning?'

Brian: (laughing hard) 'I, ummmm, I well.....'

DJ: 'This sounds good, where was it at?'

Brian: 'Her mum was in the shower, so it was on the kitchen table.'

DJ: Atta boy!'

Okay folks, I'll put Brian on hold and get Sara on the phone.

DJ: 'Hello, is that Sara?'

Sara: 'Yes, who's speaking?'

DJ: 'Sara, thi is Ed from FOX-FM. We are live on air and i've been talking to Brian for a while now.'

Sara: (laughing) 'A while?'

DJ: 'Yes, a while. He is on the line with us. He knows not to give any answers away or you'll lose.
Sooooo, do you know the rules of 'Mate Match'?'


DJ: 'Good!'


Sara:(laughing) 'Brian, what the hell are you up to?'

Brian: (laughing) 'Just answer the questions honestly,ok? Be completely honest.'

Sara:(laughing) 'Yes.'

DJ: Alright, when did you last have sex?'

Sara: 'Oh God, Brian....uh, this morning, about 8.'

DJ: 'Good, next question. How long did it last?'

Sara: '12, 15 minutes maybe.'

DJ: 'Hmmmmmm. That's close enough. One last question, get it right and it's the Gold Coast for you both.

DJ: Where did you have it?'

Sara: 'OH MY GOD, BRIAN!! You didn't tell them that did you?'

Brian: 'Just tell him the truth honey.'

Sara: 'Well....'

DJ: 'Come on Sara.....where did you have it?'

Sara:'Up the arse........'

They called an ambulance for the DJ, and traffic accidents rose by 40%!!


her indoors said...

you know how to fix me lap top now its just fallen off me knee laughing! note to self when reading john's jokes put lap top on solid surface!

Karmyn R said...

I did not see that one coming!

Mr Farty said...

The old ones are the best! Well told.

SpanishGoth said...

Nice one matey - a classic log joke

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Jin said...

BRILLIANT!!! I've just had a hearty chuckle - what a nice way to start the day! Thanks John :-)

Z said...

*Helpless cackles*

Can't get back to work now, got to have a coffee break to steady down!

PI said...

Can't help laughing!