Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Joke Tuesday.

A trucker has been on the road for three weeks solid. Exhausted, he stops at a brothel.


He drops £500 on the table, and demands the ugliest woman in the house and a bacon sandwich.

The owner says,"Sir, for that amount, you can have my finest lady and a three course meal."

The man replies, "I'm not horny, I'm f*cking homesick!!"


katy said...

so that's where me bloody hubby is then, wait till i see him!

john.g. said...


ChrisB said...


Anonymous said...


Been a lurker for quite some time and just wanted to pop by and say THANK YOU!
For not having lost your humour despite your physical ordeal and sharing this humour with us! It has brightened up many a day for me:)to pop by and read the newest 'shenanigans' of the crowd in the Merry Monk

Sally Lomax said...



Beccy said...


Double ditto!

Beccy said...

Lol Katy!

john.g. said...

Sylv, welcome to the nuthouse!

I knew you lot would like that!!

Jayne said...

Mad, I swear, the lot of you are mad! Funny how I feel right at home amongst you! Nice one John.g. - keep 'em coming!