Friday, 20 March 2009

Protecting your Mobile Phone.

Here is todays handy tip taken from the Book of Cyril, Chap 12, verse 6.

For all you careless people out there who spill coffee and other beverages over their mobile phone.

First, get a roll of cling-film. Don't use Bacofoil, this will stop all the wireless wavy things from getting out. (Something to do with 'Faraday screens' or something).

Second, wrap the phone in two separate layers of the film (this is to make absolutely sure that the hot fluid doesn't get into the works and damage the spring).

Thirdly, if perchance the fluid does get into the works, quickly remove the clingfilm and gently lever out the SIM card with a lump hammer and a large chisel to avoid damaging it.

Just to make sure that the coffee doesn't get spilt into the phone in the first instance, cover the cup with clingfilm and place in another room.

See? Easy when you know how.

Here endeth the lesson.


PI said...

Gee thanks Keith:)

john.g. said...

Ha, dead Grumps walking!

Keith said...

Me? I'm clever. I'll remove that post before Di (Wonderful lady!)sees it and deny that I ever writted it!

john.g. said...

It's on my USB stick!

john.g. said...

Too late Grumps, she read it last night!

Keith said...

Oh Shit! I suppose that means no hot roast spuds and sausages for me on Sunday then?

Have I got to wear my body-armour?

john.g. said...

Thought you were clever, ehh!

Ricardipus said...

You know, I'd suggest immersing the phone in liquid epoxy, and then allowing it to dry.

Makes it a little difficult to listen to incoming calls, or dial anything with the buttons, but is guaranteed to make it 100% waterproof.

Full of useful ideas, me.

john.g. said...

Thanks R'Pus!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Very clever indeed, John! Apreciate the useless, er, useful
hint! ;) Interesting, I just noticed, useless (two s's) and useful (one l). Dang, It's too early to be thinking of spell check!
But where is your Joke Tuesday,
John? :(

Guyana-Gyal said...