Thursday, 11 June 2009

Private dig.

Apologies to everyone, but this video is for Steve, one of the regular Sunday Lunchtime Gang at the "Merrie Monk".
When I first saw it he came to mind immediately (I can't imagine why!).

When you watch the vid think "Everton" instead of "Liverpool".

Not that he is as bad as the character in the video, but he is such a keen supporter of Everton that he sometimes MISSES his drinking session at the Monk and stays at home to watch the matches, and then he gets a real "downer" when they lose.

Can you believe that? It would take more than a stupid football match to make me miss my Sunday at t'pub!

I think I'm in bother now!


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

I am rollinggggggggggg, John! Absolutely hilarious! And I came over for your Joke Tuesday. Serendipitous! :))

john.g. said...

Thank Keith Petra!

PI said...

I've just got into these two - mainly through Robert Webb. Excellent observation except shouldn't he be drinking beer?