Sunday, 7 September 2008

Music quiz. Answers!

  1. 2112- Rush.
  2. Delicate sound of thunder- Pink Floyd.
  3. Macalla- Clannad.
  4. Going for the one- Yes.
  5. Alchemy- Dire Straits.
  6. Kick- INXS.
  7. Innuendo- Queen.
  8. Life through a lens- Robbie Williams.
  9. Moonflower- Santana.
  10. The song remains the same- Led Zeppelin.
  11. Live over Europe- Genesis.
  12. Regatta de blanc- The Police.
  13. The dream of the blue turtles- Sting.
  14. On an island- David Gilmore.
  15. Parallel Lines- Blondie

Congratulations to Beccy who got them all right!


wendishness said...

Congrats Beccy!!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

I have music by every artist listed, John, but evidently not those particular albums. You have very eclectic taste which makes life that much more enjoyable!

ChrisB said...

I bet she cheated~ I can say that as I'm her mum LOL

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

I never get any of these right. music is such a weak point. Literature used to be a strong one but now the only thing I am good at is ancient history - because its like my youth, my bank balance and my natural hair colour!

hope you are well and enjoying life?

john.g. said...

Thanks,Merms, I am well!

Jon M said...

I missed the questions! Rush 2112...I bet I'd have known that one!

Beccy said...

*Takes a bow*

PI said...

I find the answers more puzzling than the questions.

Sylv said...

oh my i'd only have known a very few of them musical taste etc is firmly stuck in the
70's ,not that i'd mind though:):)

Mickle in NZ said...

Well done Beccy! i'd a been useless anyway, growing up with a Ma that wouldn't tolerate any of that modern stuff, Ape music,

so had to listen by transister radio in bedroom only. Then, after Clarinet, Mickle took up the Alto Saxophone!