Monday, 13 July 2009

Pub news!

I have a friend,(this is not the news!), a good friend, as it happens and he came in the pub today brandishing a fresh crab. Ready dressed and waiting to eat. He asked if I liked crab (I don't), then he asked Di if she and Jez would like it. Di ran off!

My friend has asked not to be identified by name, so I shall refer to him as YP.

YP has a boat, a 13foot one that he uses for a bit of sea fishing. Last week YP and the family went down to Cornwall(SW England for overseas readers) for a holiday.

YP's boat

This isn't actually YPs' boat, but it's 13 feet, and, it's a boat!

YP went out in the boat,put the out-board on, and saw water coming into the boat! The BUNG! He'd forgotten to put the bung back in the stern(rear) of the boat and it was sinking!

Once back to shore, the bailing out

My friend YP shall now be named!



wendishness said...

hahaha appropriate name!

ChrisB said...

Now we know why he didn't want to be named!!! LOL

Z said...

Next time he has a dressed crab waiting for a home, I'd love to have it. I'll buy him a pint...

PI said...

I can't remember from my sailing days- why take the bung out in the first place? To let water out?

Bryony Xx said...

I wonder if that was what really happened to the Titanic.
I bet he'll check the bung is in next time!
Bryony Xx

john.g. said...


BryonyXx, I think a bigger bung might have been needed!

Oh, and welcome to the madhouse!

Z, you'll have to be quick

Karmyn R said...

hahaha! I know someone else who did that once too (I won't say his name - even though I call him dad).