Saturday, 7 February 2009

Pub nonsense # 3.

Firstly, there is a friend of mine, "Blakey", who frequents the pub on a regular basis, always accompanied by his faithful dog, "Bella".


She never lets him out of her sight. He even takes her to work with him!

Misery guts

Loyal though she is, have you EVER seen such a miserable looking dog?

On a lighter note, this is Russ. Australia beware!


There is a p*ss-up of monumental proportions occurring in the pub tonight as Russ has his leaving party!

Russ is flying to Sydney on Tuesday for a year. He plans a few days there and then on to Alice Springs, where he has a job on a ranch. After that he plans to tour around. So, beware, if you meet him, have a beer and enjoy his company!

Good adventures Russ!


Brom said...

Course She's miserable.... no one's bought her a pint!

Nice pics, just catching up on the rest of your week.

john.g. said...

Hi, Brom, it was her round!

Mickle in NZ said...

Russ will melt - has he seen the temps in Aus lately? maybe he could take some of your snow over with him!

PI said...

At first I thought how can he leave his dog, but it's not his dog - is it?

Anonymous said...

Black Labs always look miserable. You should get a jack Russell!

© Karelian Blonde said...

What a cutie! And I am talking about Russ ;)

#Debi said...

What KB said. I see that the Monk is not just full of old(er) guys. Good to know! ;)

john.g. said...

Mickle, he'll cope!

Mum2, no!

Mutley, my Black Lab didn't! Anyway she is a Lab/Weimeramer cross!


#Debi, Harrumph!!

Beccy said...

Hope Russ isn't traveling to Victoria, it's a bit hot over there at the mo!

Keith said...

I always carry a few dog biscuits to give to my doggy friends.

I offered one to Bella today. She sniffed it, took in gently from my fingers, gave me a "fuck-off" look and promptly spat it out!

Theres no pleasing some dogs (or cripples!)