Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Pub news.(recurring themes)

Tuesday nights are poker nights in the Merrie Monk. It is a popular night, bettered only by the Sunday session. Di, our ever so lovely soaker landlady behaved herself(ish) on Sunday and only swore at two people. (Round of applause).

Tuesday, however, was a different story. It's the red wine you see. She lost the first bottle, so had another. A third followed, then the first bottle surfaced and had to be drunk. It couldn't go to waste could it? Everybody copped it!

Wednesday lunchtime and Jez is doing bar duty. Di is in Lutterworth shopping and doing the banking and getting over her migraine hangover!

This is the second deja vu moment.


Does this sound familiar? "Hello,madam,can I help you?". "I'd like to deposit this please",says Di. "I'm sorry, madam, but you're in the wrong bank."



ChrisB said...

Oh dear poor Di LOL.

Kila said...

It isn't easy being Di!

Unknown said...

ChrisB,she'll appreciate the sympathy!

Unknown said...

Kila, It's a doddle fof her! It comes naturally, she's a blonde!

thepinkdog said...

LOL! Poor Di. I can imagine hearing her looking at the guy in confusion, then looking around at the bank then rattling off a few... words to herself!

Beccy said...

OMG how embarrassing.

Poor Di, I so feel for her.

Dumdad said...

You are so much heading for a slapping!

Unknown said...

Hi, Dumdad! It's true! She told me.

Wendy Ascham said...

A few weeks ago Dad decided to go for a coffee when we were in town.

The cafe is next door to a barber shop. He was so engrossed in his paper (yes, he reads the paper as he walks along, 'saves time' he always says!).

He inadvertently walked into the barber shop and sat down, still reading the comic strips. A voice said "What's it to be sir?" He replied "Two coffees please, no sugar".

"Sorry sir, we only cut hair".

Dad looked up to see a rather busty girl with scissors, comb, a big smile and a teensy-weensy miniskirt (it's a unisex hairdressers).

He looked her up and down; twice I think, and said "Now that I'm here I might as well get a haircut, take you're time, I'm in no hurry".

To me he said "Go next door and get a drink, I'll join you in a while"! True!

Di's got nothing on him regarding confusion! (It's his age)

As John says, "I'm dead!" when dad reads this comment.

#Debi said...

Wendy, your dad is quite the opportunist, eh? Can't let a good mistake go to waste... ;D

John, haven't we heard this one before?

Unknown said...

#Debi, 'recurring themes, deja vu?'