Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Joke Tuesday # 1

Beccy has her "fun Monday", so here's my joke Tuesday. All jokes are welcome from my bloggie friends. I shall try to keep them as clean as possible, and for fear of offending anyone , race free, although I cannot promise!

No. 1. An old couple in church for Sunday service. The wife says to her husband: " I've just let a silent fart out, what should I do?"

"Put a new battery in your damn hearing aid!"

Thanks for the messages about Dads health, he is on the mend, and will be swearing at Man. Utd. on telly tonight!

I forgot, I got Beccys' flapjacks today, scrummy!


Beccy said...

So am I going to run out of jokes from my no.1 source?

I'm glad the flapjacks made it in one piece!

Unknown said...

No, Beccy, you're not, I just thought it might be fun. Flapjacks are all gone!

ChrisB said...

johng her poor old mum didn't get any flapjacks: you should join us on witty wednesdays which is our joke day for the next few weeks.

Unknown said...

chrisb, welcome. The flapjacks were lovely, but i had to fight Dad for them. I will look tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Grump, grump......I met John to-day in the pub and he told me that Beccy had sent him some flapjacks, but the miserable swine never brought one to the pub for me!

To add insult to injury, John's dad came into the pub about 3pm and said that HE had tried one of them and they were delicious!

Just shows who your friends are doesn't it?

Well, that's another GBP 5 off his birthday present as far as I'm concerned........Bah!

apositivepessimist said...


I can truthfully swear old people sneaky farts are the deadliest...and it’s not like you can tackle them about it.

Unknown said...

Pessimist, LOL.

Grumpy, stop, grumping!

sallywrites said...

That made me laugh! Gald your Dad is on the mend!

Unknown said...

Thanks Sally, he's still spluttering a bit, but the daft old sod wont go to the doctors!