Thursday, 12 April 2007

Pub news update.

Things seem to be moving apace regarding the take-over. The carpet has been cleaned (hell, it needed it), new matting has been laid today in the darts and skittles areas. All it needs now is the customers cleaning up. I hope that never happens, as the pubs character would go. Would you lot want Trigger being sensible? If that happens (i dont believe in miracles),what would i blog about?


An American man was arrested after a robbery ,when during the chase his false leg fell off.

In the D.T. today.


Mr Farty said...

John, that last one-liner just got me thinking, what would it look like if you robbed a bank? You'd need a turbo-charged wheelchair for starters.

If you need an accomplice, call me.

Sally Lomax said...

Hope that someone nice buys it!!!

john.g. said...

Mr. Farty, you're on, i'd need someone to get the turbo started!!

Sally, i think they're ok.

PI said...

The thought of cleaning a pub carpet gives me the shivers! You DO know where it's been

john.g. said...

Pat, no, but i know what's been on it!! It scrubbed up well though. A bit like me! lol.