Monday, 23 April 2007

Poorly Dad.

Dad is suffering, one of those shivvery, coughy horrible bugs. I feel guilty because I can't do anything to help. He still has to cook (he still hates cooking). It's a situation I don't like, it makes him snappy, and then he feels awful for snapping. So I have decided we are going to have a laugh tonight. The solution?

A DVD, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World!

This is the funniest film I have ever watched, and I know Dad will cry with laughter.

Wish me luck.


Beccy said...

Good luck.

Hope your dad is feeling better soon.

Can you order a take away so he doesn't have to cook?

Unknown said...

Beccy, I suggested it, but the stubborn bugger didn't want to drive.

Unknown said...

Weird isn't it? As soon as we get a spell of good weather then the bugs are let loose. Half the population of my town has chicken pox at the moment - tis a plague!

Best wishes to dad - get yer takeaway delivered.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Minx, Takeaway was good.

sallywrites said...

I take it that that means that you did have a takeaway delivered?

It must be so hard for you. The rest of us have no idea really. Just the few weeks without full use of my legs has really given me a shocka s to how unappreciative we can be of our normally working bodies. Now I can walk again I am so grateful!

Perhaps you should have a takeway delivered once or twice a week, to give your Dad some time off? How old is he?

Unknown said...

Sally, he's 78 on May 11th, and the silly bugger went to pick it up!

Pat said...

78 is no age! Give him a hug from me and DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. I suppose its difficult for men to give their Dad a hug but I've noticed ours are more demonstrative than they were with MTL and a little sign of affection is heart warming even if he does shrug it off.
The DVD is a great idea - just try to get him to get enough rest until he's back to normal.xoxoxox

Unknown said...

Pat, thanks, I'll have to give him a virtual hug. My arms wont allow the real thing anymore.
And we laughed our heads off at the DVD!

Beccy said...

Sally that was a great idea re: getting a take away DELIVERED once or twice a week, you should suggest it to your Dad John.

Unknown said...

Beccy, I have, but he's a stubborn g*t, and wont entertain it. Take-aways are Wednesday(fish & chips), Thursdays(Chinese).