Friday, 6 April 2007

New Watch.

I bought myself a new watch yesterday, well new to me. It's an Omega Seamaster. Fully automatic, you know, the self-winding type. Ok, so it's a fake, but you wouldn't know.

Trigger came in, (i'd forgotten it's a bank holiday), and the usual conversation ensued. The plumber was also in and commented on my new timepiece. Trigger wanted a look.

"That's nice, battery is it?"
"No, automatic", i said.
"Automatic, it winds itself up when you move".
"It's a bit like you Trigger,it winds people up by itself", came the Plumbers reply.

"Why don't you...........

"Now, now Trigger.


Beccy said...

A new character, now we have the plumber, yippee!

Love Trigger.

Unknown said...

Hi, Beccy, yes another miscreant, he's just got back from Canada. They pay plumbers too much!

apositivepessimist said...

oh J.Gee I too bought a new watch. Only took me two effing days to get the day and date right.

oh yay Trigger.

Unknown said...

Love it - nice guy, that plumber :)

Unknown said...

Barbara, he is too!