Sunday, 29 April 2007

Typical Sunday.

We went down to pick up Obe Wan, my computer guru, as his daughter is away. The aroma from the curried cauliflower and garlic bread soon filled the car. Open windows!
In the pub the usual suspects (of which Sharon the barmaid is now one) got stuck in. Trigger isn't a curry man, the only thing he has in common with me, but Obe Wan had some German wild boar salami type thingy with him. It was good, very garlicky. Trigger liked this.

"What's this?" he asked.

"Wild Boar sausage".

"I'm like a wild boar at times". said Trigger.

Sharon, "No, Trigger, you're just a bore".

1-0 to Sharon!

The take-over is on Tuesday apparently. The new people were in today, going through the "this is how this works "routine. They say nothing's going to change. I hope they're right. Time will tell.


Beccy said...

Surely that's now about 5-0 to Sharon!

Unknown said...

Ok, Beccy, I concede.

sallywrites said...

Hope the take over goes ok!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Sally, so do all of us!

Pat said...

They've gor a hard row to hoe or whatever the saying is.