Thursday, 11 October 2007

Political crap

I don't usually do politics, it seems far too contentious for a blog. Especially this one! But as I tippy-type away, I am listening to a programme on BBC2, called Why Democracy? The Ministry of Truth.

Proposing his own Misrepresentation of the People bill, Richard Symons listens to Jack Straw, Harriet Harmon and Lord Falconer tell him why it's unrealistic for politicians to be held accountable for what they tell the electorate.

Am I missing something here ??


Jean Marie le Penn said...

No. I told you that originally the people elected MP's to represent them in Parliment.

In other words they are supposed to be answerable to us, but now it seems that we are the servants and they are the masters. Sieg Heil!

PI said...

As far as they are concerned it seems like anything honest and decent is unrealistic. Just been watching Harriet Harman on Question Time. Her colour coordination is good. Maybe she should be a stylist- she's incapable of giving a straight answer.
Not to be outdone I have my own little quiz tomorrow but different.
Time you were in bed young man!

sablonneuse said...

The 'art' of being a successful politician consists of the following:
1.Being able to avoid giving a straight answer to a straight question however long you waffle on.
2.Not getting caught out when you tell lies/commit fraud/whatever.
3.Being a good enough actor/actress to persuade enough voters that you are in fact honest and have their wellbeing at heart - at least until after they've elected you.

RUTH said...

Ermmm...and there was I thinking that they worked for us! I guess in simple terms they are saying it's ok to lie. Makes a democratic system a bit of a mockery.