Monday, 30 April 2007

BBQ Season.

Our last BBQ died last year so Dad went to buy a new one today. He came back with a cast iron affair, which he is currently assembling outside in the sunshine, with a whisky for company.
Knowing Dad, he wont have read the instructions, and much swearing will ensue. I'm keeping out of the way! He should suss it, he's an engineer for christ' sake!! Only £20.

Roll on summer!


Beccy said...

I love bbq's, we got ours out over Easter, mmmmmmmmm. Have you ever tried the bbq biscuits from Marks and Spencer? A delicious treat!

Ariel said...

This reminds me of that Simpsons episode when Homer tries and fails to put together a BBQ out of a box, and tries to dump it. The whole thing becomes a much praised work of art... so even if your Dad hasn't got much joy with it, it might have some hidden potential!

apositivepessimist said...

oh HaHa I read whisky as whisk...was thinking what the bloody hell does he need a whisk for.

TWENTY BUCKS for a barbie...bloody hell we couldn't even buy the first brick to build an old fashioned barbie for 20 bucks.

Unknown said...

Beccy,I can't wait!

Ariel, he's sorted it!

Pessimist, very good, the amount of time it took, he might well have used a whisk..........or was that the whisky taking hold?

Anonymous said...

er ....why is Beccy ALWAYS the first to comment?

Try wrapping bananas in foil, then bake them on the wire mesh thingy over the fire. Unwrap and unzip them and mash in some Cadburys Cocolate buttons. The resulting mess is delicious!

Pat said...

Barbecues make me laugh. I went to one where the host was talking to me whilst blackening sausages and we were enveloped in blue smoke. 'Where are you ' he said' I can't see you!'
John if only you lived next door I'd be round like a shot.

Unknown said...

V. MILDEW, Yuck!

Pat, you'd be most welcome!

sallywrites said...


Hubby always reads every spot off instructions. I'm of the let's see variety!!