Monday, 19 February 2007

Aaah, that`s the life!

My good friend, the Traveller is setting out tomorrow on a 38 day cruise. Southampton/Southampton via the AMAZON! Manaus is the last call, three days up river, but taking in the Carribean on the way.

Now , i know the title of this post makes me seem envious, but i don`t think cruising would be my cup of tea. Too much free food, and the temptation to really overdo the booze(which you have to pay for). And all that sea in between, not exactly good scenery. Still, he`s an old hand at this, and i know what he`ll say when he gets back, and i ask if he enjoyed it....IT WAS O.K.!


Wendz said...

You have some interesting mates, John...Trigger who never shuts up and should...and Traveller who should elaborate and doesn't. Just where do you fit into all of this? :)

Beccy said...

In the middle...ha ha

john.g. said...!!

Beccy said...

Hope it's cosy there John!

john.g. said...

Beccy.........Easy girl!!