Saturday, 10 February 2007


Yes, he was in the pub today being his usual thick self.

Some of the younger set (compared to me), early 20`s were in. They all know Trigger. He was rambling on about his female conquests from years gone by when the following banter took place.

Trigger: "I don`t need contraception anymore".

Good looking 20-something: With a face like that, i`m not surprised".

Trigger, for the first time was speechless!

I do wish he would `nt make us spit beer out!!!!

Anyway back to reality. Thankfully it is raining here, so all the snow`s gone. Now i`ve nothing against snow, but when you can only walk about 100 yds(i`m not metric yet), it`s a blessing to be able to put ones crutch down on dry land. (No comments on that please).


Sally Lomax said...

Very funny! i would lvoe to have seen his face!!


john.g. said...

`Twas a picture, Sally, but only briefly, Trigger has the skin of a Rhino!

Beccy said...

Someone made Trigger speechless...never!

john.g. said...

I know Beccy, but it happened...honestly!

zoe said...

that is just brilliant! you should have an equivalent to my 'twattisms' - 'pubbisms' (double 'b' in case people start thinking of pubic hair ....).

john.g. said...

Thanks Zoe, but i think Triggerisms about covers it.